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Karafuru is a brand that preserves traditional Japanese craftsmanship by incorporating it into our modern lives. We believe that the craftwork and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation are treasures of Japan that we need to protect and keep alive. Karafuru created their Mono-zukuri (Making things) and Ba-zukuri (Creating places) collections with this in mind. Since 800 AD, skilled Japanese artisans have been using the maki-e lacquer techniques on a wide range of decorative objects. Today, the Tokyo-based fashion brand Karafuru is updating this tradition with a stunning collection of handcrafted pearl earrings. Wonderful for both casual and formal occasions, these unique earrings combine aspirational materials that have been celebrated in both the West and the East for centuries. Led by Yuki Kuroda, Karafuru aspires to maintain traditional craftsmanship by adapting it to current consumer needs and lifestyles.


Atelier Japan powerfully encapsulates an ancient
artisanal past that is articulated for the modern.

Atelier Japan

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